What is the MarginX referral programme?

See the button to “get your referral link”? What does this referral link do?

Welcome to our MarginX Referral Programme, where you get rewards simply by referring your friends

This is how it works: New referred users on MarginX will receive a Starter-ranked NFT, which entitles you to a 5% rebate on transaction fees, and a 5% commission from the transaction fees of your referees. So, the more friends you refer to MarginX, and the more they trade, the more commissions you earn.

Let’s say you refer Annie, and she makes a transaction of 1,000 USDT. Her transaction fees are calculated by taking 0.04% of her total transacted value. 0.04% x 1,000 USDT gives you 0.4 USDT. You will earn 5% of that, which gives you 0.02 USDT. Sounds little?

If she makes 5 transactions worth 1,000 USDT a day, what this means is that you will earn 0.02 USDT x 5, or 0.1 USDT each day. Multiply that by 365 days a year and you’ll get 36.5 USDT — by basically sitting back and relaxing.

Now, let’s add another friend, Bob. He makes an average of 10 transactions a day, each worth 200 USDT. His transaction fees amount to 0.04% x 200 USDT, or 0.08 USDT per transaction. And you? 0.004 USDT. Multiply that by 10 a day, and 365 days a year, you’ll have 14.6 USDT more rolled in.

Like we said earlier, the more friends you refer, the more commissions you earn. So if you multiply that by 50, you’ll be earning 2,555 USDT a year. And that’s just for the lowest ranked NFT.

As your referral volume grows, you’ll have a chance of upgrading the rank of your NFT to Common, Rare and so on. An upgrade in rank also means an upgrade in commission amount. For example, a Common rank would entitle you to 20% of commissions, a Rare,  30%, and more. That potentially allows you to increase your earnings exponentially, and in a sustainable manner.

One last thing to note: all your rewards are tied to your NFT, and tracked on the blockchain. So we don’t miss a single transaction, and you basically get to reap the rewards, forever.