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What on earth is MarginX, and why should you care? We break down our key messages so you can understand why we’re special.

14-Step Trading Guide

How do you set up your wallet, open a position or view your trading activity?

Here’s all you need to know about trading on MarginX, with our 8-step trading guide.

We also created a step-by-step trading guide in PDF form without you having to ask us.

How to Transfer Tokens In and Out of MarginX

Here’s how to transfer your tokens from the f(x)Core chain to the MarginX chain.

And vice versa, from the MarginX chain to the f(x)Core chain.

How to Swap $FX (and Other Tokens) to USDT

We also teach you how to use f(x)Swap to swap your tokens in f(x)Core to USDT.

FAQ Videos

Okay… so how does MarginX work? 

Here, we go through the details of our brand, our platform, and how it benefits you.

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