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MarginX aims to stretch the boundaries and possibilities of DeFi trading. Its mission is to make trading as diverse, accessible, profitable, transparent and efficient as possible.

MarginX is the bridge between the traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency world. We are the world’s first community-based decentralized exchange infrastructure that aims to make finance more accessible, more profitable, more transparent, more convenient, and more secure — essentially leveling the playing field for everyone, especially the unbanked and underbanked.

MarginX’s infrastructure is built on the Function X network, and currently facilitates the trading of cryptocurrency-based perpetual contracts on the blockchain.

Why MarginX?

The world’s first community-based decentralized exchange infrastructure.

Super Low Transaction Fees

Our multi-chain, cross-chain and para-chain infrastructure allows us to handle a throughput of 2,000–20,000 transactions per block, while reducing congestion in the blockchain — this means super duper low transaction fees.

You Control Your Assets

Funds are traded through non-custodial wallets, and all transactions take place on-chain so they are secure, verifiable and transparent.

Full Visibility and Access

All transactions run on-chain and are recorded on the blockchain. Anybody can track and scrutinize these records, forming a fair system of checks and balances.

We Connect TradFi and DeFi

We lay the foundation for where other DeFi products can be built upon, including stock-based derivatives or traditional financial assets. We offer tools that bridge the old and new traders of the financial world.

By the Community, for the Community

At MarginX, every stakeholder, whether a developer, community manager, or a trader, has a say through our governance framework. Our utility NFT system also determines each user’s voting rights, trading rebates and referral fees, and builds a sense of community.

Our People

Dr. Danny Lim

Core Contributor

With a PhD in Law from Tsinghua University and a serial entrepreneurial drive inspired by his time at big tech companies like Baidu and Lenovo, Dr. Danny Lim is an avid supporter of the blockchain and crypto space. The co-founder of Pundi X and contributor to Function X believes that MarginX is the future of DeFi and will redefine what decentralized trading really means. On a day-to-day basis, he makes sure that MarginX runs smoothly in the trading, infrastructure and technical aspects.

His aspiration for the industry: true ownership. “It’s time we take back our data, our avatars, and our assets.”

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Dr. Shin Liang Chin

Core Contributor

Shin is a mathematical physicist and payments expert, having received his PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, before working in R&D in various startups, and leading a team in Visa as Director of Data Science. He first started reading about, trading and understanding crypto in 2018, which soon became a serious hobby. Today, he helps to build the trading systems at MarginX, with the belief that the potential for DeFi is limitless. He is an avid supporter of blockchain technology becoming available to the masses, and an integral part of the existing financial system in order to serve the underserved. On the side, he has won multiple national debating competitions and still coaches debate teams as a passion.
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Clarence Soh [ orbitant ]

Core Contributor

Arasaratnam Sasikumar

Creative Lead