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This is the one video you need to watch to understand why we do what we do:

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Want to go even deeper? Learn more about our infrastructure, USPs and vision in the GitBook below.

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MarginX 2.0 and Roadmap

The freedom of listing, trading and utilizing derivatives – is at the core of our mission at MarginX, a decentralized infrastructure.

Our goal is to establish a trustless, inclusive, transparent, and automated framework that facilitates unfettered trading.

MarginX Roadmap 2023

What is the main difference between MarginX and other DEXes?

We aim to be scalable and expandable, offering multiple trading options.

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How Do I Generate My Personal Referral Link?

It’s a simple process to earn referral commissions… for a LIFETIME.

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What Can I Do On The MXAlliance Rewards Page?

Lots of things! View your NFT and benefits, learn about current campaigns, and track your progress and rewards!

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What's behind the MarginX logo?

Watch to see up close how our iconic logo was formed.

What makes up the MarginX brand?

Read on to discover our brand colours, identity, and guidelines.