What else do you need to know about marginx?

You’ve heard all about MarginX and our core values. Now, we’re going to get a little more technical — stick with us if you want to learn more.

MarginX is the first DEX to be launched on the Function X blockchain. We are built with the Cosmos SDK as a subnet of f(x)Core, and operate completely on-chain. We run on a proof-of-stake mechanism and $FX will be used for gas fees.

We do not list actual stocks or cryptocurrency on our exchange. Instead, we use stocks or cryptocurrency as underlying assets to offer derivatives trading.

With this, we are proud to say that we are the first DEX in the world to facilitate the trading of stock-based perpetual contracts, for assets such as Tesla, Apple and Google. In addition, perpetual contract trading for cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and $FX are also available on our platform.