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We're back with another insightful TwitterSpace conversation, and this time, we're unraveling the mysteries and potentials of ALO and MarginX. If you missed the live session, worry not! We've got you covered with a comprehensive summary. Let’s dive right in!

Function X Updates

The session kicked off with updates on Function X, highlighting the release of FX Wallet version 3.4 for both Android and iOS. This update introduced the FX swap feature and allowed users to input fiat units when sending crypto. The team is also working on refreshing the Function X website to accommodate the growing ecosystem.


Governance Proposals

Two governance proposals have passed, enabling the registration of Osmosis pool tokens to FX Core and updating the new domain for the Osmosis token. The integration with the FX bridge is underway, connecting Function X to Cosmos and Osmosis, and allowing token transfers between the ecosystems.


Introducing MarginX 2.0

MarginX is undergoing a transformation, evolving into MarginX 2.0 with the introduction of the Automated Limit Orderbook (ALO) market maker for the perpetual market. ALO is a groundbreaking algorithm that automates the distribution of orders in a limit order exchange, combining the efficiency of limit order books with the automation of AMMs.


Listing Pairs on MarginX

Listing a pair on MarginX 2.0 is as simple as depositing LP tokens as collateral, deciding the liquidity amount, and setting the range for liquidity provision. ALO takes care of the complex algorithms and order distributions, making the process user-friendly.


Stop Loss and Take Profit Features

These anticipated features are set to be implemented in Q4 2023, enhancing the trading experience on MarginX.


Stablecoin on MarginX

While the final name is yet to be confirmed, a stablecoin, tentatively named CUSD, is in the works, pending a collaboration with a third-party project.


MarginX in the Cosmos Ecosystem

MarginX plans to integrate LP tokens from Cosmos, starting with Osmosis, and eventually expanding to EVM-compatible tokens. FX will continue to be used as the gas fee, aligning with the pledge made a year ago.


Superfluid Staking

Users can move their LP to MarginX and receive double rewards – yield from osmosis superfluid staking and fee rewards from ALO, maximizing the utility of idle assets.


Closing Remarks

The session wrapped up with an open floor for questions, addressing concerns and curiosities from the community. The team is gearing up for more updates and developments, promising exciting times ahead for MarginX and Function X enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more updates, and catch the next TwitterSpace for live interactions and insights! Cheers!



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