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In this premiere episode of DeFiWeekly, industry experts engage in a riveting discussion about the evolving landscape of decentralized perpetual exchanges (perp DEXs). They delve into the complexities, innovations, and potential of these platforms within the DeFi ecosystem. This summary offers an overview of the key themes, including comparisons between DEXs and traditional exchanges, market trends, evaluation criteria for emerging projects, and the future trajectory of decentralized finance.

Key Discussion Points:


  1. Overview of Perpetual Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

    • The episode opens with an exploration of perpetual DEXs, highlighting their role and significance in the DeFi landscape. It sheds light on the complexity and advancements in this domain, providing a base for the ensuing discussion.

  2. Understanding the Functionality and Importance of Perp DEXs

    • The conversation delves into the mechanics of perpetual DEXs, underscoring their necessity in offering self-custody, liquidity, enhanced security, and an alternative to traditional centralized exchanges.

  3. Self-Custody vs. Centralized Exchange Models

    • The discussion compares self-custody models in DeFi with centralized exchanges, emphasizing the advantages of transparency and user control in DEXs, alongside the associated risks and technological challenges.

  4. Market Trends and Future Outlook in DeFi

    • Participants analyze current market dynamics, contrasting the trading volumes and user preferences between decentralized and centralized exchanges, and predict potential shifts in the market.

  5. Assessing Emerging Projects and Innovations

    • Criteria for evaluating new projects in the DeFi space are discussed, focusing on community engagement, innovative features, and robust security measures as key indicators of a project’s potential success.

  6. Order Book vs. Pool Models in DEXs: A Comparative Analysis

    • A detailed debate ensues on the efficacy of different models employed by perpetual DEXs, primarily contrasting the order book and liquidity pool approaches in terms of user experience and market liquidity.

  7. Key Factors for Success in DeFi Project Teams

    • The episode wraps up with insights into successful team dynamics in DeFi projects, highlighting innovation, trustworthiness, and adaptability as crucial elements for navigating the rapidly evolving DeFi sector.’


This episode offers an in-depth look at the perpetual DEX landscape, discussing its current state, inherent challenges, and future prospects. It emphasizes the need for continued innovation, community involvement, and stringent security measures for the growth and wider adoption of decentralized finance platforms.

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