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In an era of technological advancements, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have brought about remarkable changes in the finance sector. Among these, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are the pioneers of this new financial era. They provide enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency, unlike traditional financial systems. One such notable DEX is MarginX. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider using MarginX for your trading activities.

1. Exciting Trading Pairs

MarginX strives to be the first to list new and upcoming project tokens before they are available on other centralized or decentralized exchanges.

2. Rugpull proof

MarginX takes pride in being a fully on-chain decentralized perpetuals exchange. All components from order placement, cancellation, matching, to fund settlement are executed on-chain. This on-chain execution leads to a record of every transaction on the StarScan Explorer. Every order – open, close, and cancelled – can be traced and monitored, ensuring complete transparency.

3. Serious security

As a decentralized perpetuals exchange, MarginX does not require KYC. This allows traders to maintain their anonymity while directly trading their assets on the on-chain matching system using their private, non-custodial wallets. Traders can rest assured that their keys, coins, and trades belong to them alone, ensuring maximum security.

4. Easy participation

MarginX provides a variety of strategy pools for both traders and non-traders. Users can choose from these pools based on their risk appetite. They include the Maker Liquidity Pool and the AI Bots Trading Pool.

The Maker Liquidity Pool offers access to professional market making services. Users simply deposit $USDT into the pool, and the verified market makers handle the rest. This feature is incredibly beneficial for non-traders who want to participate in the market without the stress of trading.

In addition, the AI Bots Trading Pool allows participants to deposit their funds into a smart contract on Ethereum. Fund managers, powered by AI trading algorithms, deploy and run trading strategies on behalf of the participants.

MarginX will also offer options for copy-trading, synthetic asset mining, and institutional portfolios in the future.

5. Full decentralization

In keeping with the spirit of decentralization, MarginX ensures equitable governance. The community, rather than a central authority, governs technological developments and improvements. At MarginX, every stakeholder’s voice is heard.

Through its governance mechanism, MarginX allows anyone to add any asset from any category, including equities, cryptocurrencies, commodities, carbon credits, and any DeFi compatible asset. This means that every asset with a monetary value can be supported.

6. Lowest Fees

The basic trading fee on MarginX for each filled trade is 0.04%. But it doesn’t stop there. With an #MXAlliance NFT, users can receive an additional discount on all trading fees. Moreover, if you use $FX tokens, you will get an additional 20% trading fee discount on top of everything else.

7. High Liquidity

MarginX has a unique multi-chain, cross-chain, and para-chain DEX infrastructure. All blockchains where MarginX expands will share the same order book, providing unmatched liquidity upon expansion.

8. Unparalleled speed

MarginX is built upon the Function X blockchain (using the Cosmos SDK). More impressively, each trading pair on MarginX is run on an isolated, independent sub-chain. This isolation eliminates the potential network congestion from other pairs, leading to improved performance and speed in transactions.


9. Clean UI/UX

MarginX’s user interface and user experience are well thought out. The professionally designed interface provides traders with a familiar CEX-like trading layout, without overwhelming them with complex features and buttons.

10. Utility NFT system

MarginX operates on a utility NFT system where each NFT is tied to a wallet address. These NFTs determine each wallet’s voting rights, trading rebates, and referral fees. All NFTs are free and come with various in-built benefits.

Additionally, the #MXAlliance Referral Program at MarginX offers a starter NFT to every user who signs up through a referral. These NFTs can level up to gain more benefits like higher discounts, rebates, and distributions.

In conclusion, MarginX offers a wide range of unique features that not only ensure secure and transparent transactions but also make the trading experience seamless and efficient. So why wait? Dive into the world of decentralized finance with MarginX today!

Disclaimer: None of this is financial or tax advice. This article is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. We recommend that you talk to your financial advisor, or do your own research. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service.