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ALO, World!

Freedom to List Perpetuals

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Why MarginX?

We know what you’re thinking.
“Another decentralized exchange? What’s so special?”


Receive trading rebates, earn referral commissions and have a permanent voting say with our utility NFTs.


Join in on our exciting games and challenges, and you might just walk away a winner.


View your MarginX NFT, keep track of your activity progress, and claim your rewards!


Have some burning questions you need answered now?


Community leader, influencer or media personnel? Look inside!

A decentralized CLOB perpetual exchange that has integrated AMM functionality for the order book

MarginX 2.0

Revisiting our initial inspiration – Freedom to trade!


Freedom To List, Trade, Utilize And Yield Perpetuals!

⚠️ ONLY private blockchain wallets allowed. No principal guarantees.

Need help?
Don’t worry, we got you fam.

Here’s a look at some numbers
— to the moon!

  • ~

    TVL Amount

  • ~

    Total Trading Volume

  • ~

    Total Transactions

  • ~

    Total Address

  • ~

    Total Trading Rebates

  • ~

    Total Trading Commissions

Not convinced?

Try it to believe it.

Join the MarginX community.

We’re all about community and ownership. Be a part of our alliance, and have a say in our future.

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